Elsel is specialized in the design and manufacturing of industrial and military units on customer specifications.
Our system and specialist expertise, developed in more than 30 years of activity, make Elsel a skilled partner capable to support the customer during the whole lifetime of the product, from design to field support.


 Power supplies /battery chargers/inverters for UPS systems for Navy units

. Rotary frequency converters for Navy units

. Monitoring system of environmental conditions for VLS launcher

. Equipment for radiation monitoring

. Equipment for synchro signals amplification and distribution

. Cables supply

. ROS and attenuation measurements on waveguides and cables up to 20GHz

. Air drying equipment for waveguides

. Management and distribution system for video signals

. Power supplies for radars

. Power distribution units

. Antenna Motor Drive Unit for civil and military ATCR antennas

. Distribution and video conversion system for EH101 helicopters

. Special cabling

. Electronics boards for MU90 torpedo rudders control

. Underwater cables

. Equipment for torpedo testing

. Harnesses for Black Shark torpedo

. UPS unit for MEADS system

. Spike missile wiring and assembly

. De-icing systems


. Dual weapon Remotely operated weapon station

. Optronic head with daylight camera, IR camera, LRF

. Infrared Night vision riflescope

. Tactical vehicles power packs, wiring and dashboards

. Vehicles upgrade and conversion kits

. Special vehicles

. Ballistic computer

. Weather sensor for ballistic correction

. Sensors for TURMS fire control systems installed on main battle tanks

. Control panels

. Tilt sensors

. Special power supplies

. Power distribution units

. Servo control units

. Telemetry transmitters

. Guided projectiles telemetry

. Special wiring



 Transponder for railway signaling (Eurobalise)

. TX-RX Antenna for train subsystem

. RF Transmitter for train subsystem

. Eurobalise programming tool

. Most of these devices are part of ERTMS system

. Power supply / battery charger for locomotives

. De-icing systems for railway switches


Elsel takes pride of a 30+ years’ experience in the field of design, manufacturing, and maintenance ranging from electronic modules to weapon systems.

Elsel is specialized in the design and manufacturing of industrial and military units on customer specifications.

Certified to serve the most demanding customers

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